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Last Changed: 2007-09-26

Your use of this Web site (hereafter called "SITE") constitutes an acknowledgment by you of your knowledge and agreement to the following terms of use of SITE. These terms may be changed from time to time, and changes will be posted here. Please review these terms regularly to make sure that you are aware of current terms.

The terms of use herein apply only to this Web site. If you follow a link to another Web site, please review the terms of use at that Web site for terms that may affect your use of that site.

1. SITE is intended to provide clean, family-friendly entertainment to users of SITE. However, because some content is provided from sources not under control of the SITE owner (hereafter called "OWNER"), no assurance can be provided that SITE content is suitable for any particular use or age of person.

2. ADVERTISEMENT DISCLAIMER. SITE may display advertisements for various products and/or services for sale. These advertisements may, and are likely to, promote products/services created and/or provided by others not under the control of SITE or OWNER. OWNER makes reasonable attempts only to advertise products/services that are not fraudulent in nature and that represent real value to users of SITE. However, OWNER makes no warranty regarding the suitability of any product/service for any particular use. You are strongly encouraged to adequately investigate for yourself the suitability of a product/service prior to making a purchase. If you have any problems with any product/service advertised on SITE, please let us know, because OWNER desires to advertise only products/services of value. However, any requests for warranty service or refunds of a product/service advertised on SITE should be directed to the person and/or organization from which you made your purchase.

3. Some of the products/services advertised on SITE may be for items for which OWNER is an affiliate. An affiliate relationship is one in which an advertiser of a product makes a commission if certain conditions are met regarding an advertised item. For example, the sale of an advertised item may result in a commission being paid to the advertiser. The fact that advertised items may be ones for which OWNER is an affiliate does not affect the terms described in the prior paragraph titled "ADVERTISEMENT DISCLAIMER".

4. Some of the products/services advertised on SITE may be for items for which OWNER is the creator and/or owner. No warranty is provided for such items except as specifically enumerated on (an) offer page/pages specifically provided for that product/service at the time of purchase.

5. Information offered on SITE is not intended to provide legal advice, medical advice, or any other advice that legally can only be given by a licensed professional. Before using any SITE-provided or OWNER-provided information in a way that may materially affect your legal affairs, financial affairs, or medical well-being, please contact your appropriate licensed professional advisor for advice.

6. Recommendations offered on SITE to purchase products and/or services that OWNER believes may be of value to you are not warrantied for any particular purpose and may not be suitable for purchase by you for your particular situation. OWNER engages in the business of marketing products/services for other businesses and/or OWNER, and OWNER attempts to make known to the public the existence of products/services that will be of beneficial use to purchasers of those products/services. OWNER attempts to make reasonable claims for product/services that OWNER recommends. However, any recommendations given are only opinions and should be treated as such. Recommendations given on SITE or by OWNER constitute advertising and are subject to the conditions stated in the prior paragraph titled "ADVERTISEMENT DISCLAIMER"; users of SITE are urged to investigate the use of products/services prior to purchase.

7. Your use of SITE is at your own risk. No warranty, either express or implied, is given for its content or its purpose. Content is provided "as is."

8. This agreement is made in the state of Colorado and is subject to the laws of the state of Colorado.

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